25+ Things To Do In Nashville With Teens (Updated 2024)

Nashville, the beating heart of Tennessee, is a city that captivates visitors of all ages with its vibrant energy and diverse attractions. But for families traveling with teenagers, this music mecca offers an especially enticing blend of excitement, culture, and adventure. 

In 2024, the city will continue to evolve, offering fresh experiences alongside its timeless classics. Whether your teens are budding musicians, history buffs, foodies, or thrill-seekers, Nashville has something to ignite their passion. This guide will unveil over 25 activities that promise to keep even the most discerning teenagers engaged and entertained.

So, pack your cowboy boots and get ready to dive into the heart of Music City. From backstage tours at the Grand Ole Opry to paddleboarding on the Cumberland River, we’re about to embark on a journey through Nashville that your teens won’t soon forget. Let’s explore the best that this dynamic city has to offer for your family’s next unforgettable adventure.

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Our Top 5 Picks Nashville Activities To Do With Teens

Nashville offers a wealth of activities for teens, but some stand out from the rest. These top picks combine entertainment, education, and excitement, making them perfect for young visitors.

Let’s explore the five must-do activities that will make your teen’s Nashville experience truly memorable. From music to sports, these picks cover the essence of what makes Nashville special.

See a live show

Nashville’s music scene is legendary, and teens will love experiencing it firsthand. The city offers countless venues for live music, catering to all tastes and styles.

From intimate clubs to grand concert halls, there’s always a show happening. Encourage your teens to explore different genres and discover new favorite artists in Music City.

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Get tickets to the game.

Sports-loving teens will find plenty to cheer about in Nashville. The city is home to several professional teams, offering exciting games throughout the year.

Catch a Predators hockey game at Bridgestone Arena or cheer on the Titans at Nissan Stadium. The electric atmosphere of live sports is sure to thrill your teens.

Tour The Country Music Hall of Fame

For a deep dive into Nashville’s musical history, visit the Country Music Hall of Fame. This museum offers an interactive journey through the evolution of country music.

Teens can explore exhibits featuring iconic artists, instruments, and memorabilia. It’s a great way to connect with the city’s musical roots and gain a new appreciation for the genre.

Check out the local shopping malls.

Teens who love shopping will find plenty of options in Nashville. The city boasts several malls and shopping districts, each with its unique atmosphere.

From high-end boutiques to quirky vintage shops, there’s something for every style and budget. It’s a great way for teens to pick up souvenirs or update their wardrobe.

Get a slice at Slim and Husky’s

No trip to Nashville is complete without trying the local food scene. Slim and Husky’s offers a modern twist on pizza that teens will love.

With creative toppings and a hip atmosphere, it’s more than just a meal—it’s an experience. Encourage your teens to try unique flavors and enjoy the vibrant ambiance.

Other Great Activities To Do In Nashville With Teens

Beyond our top picks, Nashville offers a wide range of activities that cater to diverse teenage interests. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, there’s no shortage of fun.

Go on to explore more exciting options that will keep your teens engaged and entertained throughout your Nashville visit. These activities showcase the city’s diverse offerings and hidden gems.

Go to the movies

For a relaxing evening, catch a film at one of Nashville’s unique movie theaters. The city offers both mainstream multiplexes and charming independent cinemas.

Some theaters even combine movies with dining, creating a more immersive experience. It’s a great way to unwind after a day of exploring the city.

Check out one of Nashville’s skate parks.

Teens who love skateboarding will find several great parks in Nashville. These parks offer ramps, rails, and obstacles for all skill levels.

It’s a great way for teens to burn off energy and maybe even learn some new tricks. Don’t forget to bring safety gear for a fun and safe experience.

Check out the local museums.

Nashville’s museums offer engaging experiences for curious teens. From science to art, there’s a museum to suit every interest.

The First Art Museum and the Adventure Science Center are popular choices. These interactive spaces make learning fun and memorable for young visitors.

Grab a local staple at Prince’s

For a taste of authentic Nashville cuisine, try the famous hot chicken at Prince’s. This local institution serves up spicy fried chicken that’s become a city staple.

Teens can test their spice tolerance and experience a true Nashville flavor. It’s a culinary adventure that’s sure to leave an impression.

Fuel your need for speed at K1 Speed.

Thrill-seeking teens will love the indoor go-kart racing at K1 Speed. This high-octane activity offers a fun and safe racing experience.

Teens can compete against each other or try to beat their own best times. It’s an exciting way to get the adrenaline pumping.

Go swimming

On hot Nashville days, a refreshing swim is the perfect activity. The city offers several public pools and water parks for cooling off.

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Wave Country and Nashville Shores are popular choices for water-based fun. These spots combine swimming with slides and other water attractions for a full day of entertainment.

Spend a day at the zoo.

The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a great destination for animal-loving teens. The zoo houses a diverse collection of animals from around the world.

Interactive exhibits and keeper talks make the experience educational as well as fun. It’s a chance for teens to connect with nature and learn about conservation.

Tee off at one of the many local golf courses.

For teens interested in golf, Nashville offers several excellent courses. From beginner-friendly public courses to challenging private clubs, there’s an option for every skill level.

Mini-golf courses are also available for a more casual and fun experience. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and practice some skills.

Test your problem-solving skills with an escape room

Escape rooms offer an exciting challenge for teens to work together and solve puzzles. Nashville has several escape room venues with a variety of themed rooms.

These immersive experiences encourage teamwork and critical thinking. It’s a fun way for teens to bond and test their problem-solving abilities.

Enjoy a day at the park.

Nashville’s parks offer beautiful green spaces for relaxation and recreation. Centennial Park, with its full-scale replica of the Parthenon, is a popular choice.

Teens can enjoy activities like frisbee, picnicking, or simply lounging in the sun. It’s a great way to take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Check out some local art.

Nashville’s art scene extends beyond music, with numerous galleries and street art installations. The city’s murals, in particular, offer great photo opportunities for teens.

Neighborhoods like 12 South and East Nashville are known for their vibrant street art. Exploring these areas can be a fun and Instagram-worthy adventure.

Take advantage of local outdoor events.

Nashville hosts numerous outdoor events throughout the year, many of which are teen-friendly. From music festivals to food truck gatherings, there’s always something happening.

Check local event calendars to see what’s on during your visit. These events offer a chance to experience Nashville’s community spirit and local culture.

Zipline at Adventure Park

For an adrenaline rush, take your teens to Nashville’s Adventure Park. This aerial adventure course features ziplines and rope challenges set in the treetops.

It’s a great way to combine outdoor fun with a physical challenge. The park offers courses of varying difficulty, suitable for different skill levels.

Test your aim at Nashville Paintball, Inc.

Active teens might enjoy a session of paintball at Nashville Paintball Inc. This facility offers both indoor and outdoor fields for year-round play.

Paintball is a fun way to get some exercise and practice teamwork. It’s an exciting activity that many teens find thrilling and memorable.

Get a scoop at Mike’s Ice Cream.

No teen outing is complete without a sweet treat. Mike’s Ice Cream in downtown Nashville offers handmade ice cream in unique flavors.

The shop’s vintage atmosphere adds to the experience. It’s a perfect spot for a cool-down break during a day of sightseeing.

Tour Cheekwood Gardens and Estate

For teens interested in history or nature, Cheekwood Estate & Gardens is a must-visit. This 55-acre botanical garden and art museum offers stunning views and interesting exhibits.

The gardens change with the seasons, offering different experiences throughout the year. It’s a beautiful setting for a relaxing day out.

Get your game on at the local arcade.

For some indoor fun, check out Nashville’s arcade scene. Places like Game Terminal offer a mix of classic and modern arcade games.

Many of these arcades also serve food and drinks, making them great hangout spots. It’s a fun way for teens to engage in some friendly competition.

View the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge offers stunning views of the Nashville skyline. It’s a popular spot for photos and leisurely walks.

Teens will appreciate the Instagram-worthy backdrop and the chance to see the city from a different perspective. It’s especially beautiful at sunset.

Have a tea party at the International Tea and Coffee Company.

For a more relaxed activity, visit The International Tea and Coffee Company. This charming shop offers a wide variety of teas and a cozy atmosphere.

It’s a great place for teens to try new flavors and enjoy a quiet moment. The shop also sells loose-leaf teas, making great souvenirs.

Battle it out at Dur Demarion.

Dur Demarion offers a unique experience with medieval-themed activities. Teens can try their hand at archery, axe throwing, and other medieval-inspired games.

The venue also hosts themed events and tournaments. It’s a fun way to step back in time and engage in some friendly competition.

Kayak the Cumberland River

Active teens might enjoy kayaking on the Cumberland River. Several companies offer guided tours and kayak rentals.

It’s a great way to see Nashville from a different perspective and enjoy some outdoor exercise. Tours often include interesting facts about the city’s history and landmarks.

The 39+ Best Indoor Activities In Nashville (Updated 2024)

Nashville offers plenty of indoor activities for days when the weather doesn’t cooperate. From museums to indoor sports, there’s no shortage of fun to be had indoors.

Let’s explore some of the best indoor options that will keep teens entertained regardless of the weather. These activities showcase Nashville’s diverse indoor offerings.

Explore the Lane Motor Museum

Car-lovers Teens will be The Lane Motor Museum will awe teenagers. Created by the Lane Motor Museum. This unique museum houses hundreds of rare and vintage vehicles from around the world.

The collection includes quirky micro-cars and innovative prototypes. It’s an engaging way to learn about automotive history and design.

Try rock climbing at Climb Nashville.

For an active indoor adventure, head to Climb Nashville. This indoor climbing gym offers routes for all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

Climbing is a great full-body workout and a fun challenge for teens. The gym also offers classes for those new to the sport.

Visit the Tennessee State Museum

History buffs will appreciate the Tennessee State Museum. This free museum covers the state’s history from prehistoric times to the present day.

Interactive exhibits make learning engaging for teens. It’s a great way to understand the context of Nashville’s rich cultural heritage.

Enjoy a show at the Nashville Children’s Theatre.

Despite its name, the Nashville Children’s Theatre offers performances that appeal to teens as well. Their productions often tackle relevant themes in creative ways.

The theater also offers classes and workshops for aspiring young actors. It’s a great way to experience live theater and maybe even discover a new passion.

Experience virtual reality at The Rabbit Hole VR.

For a cutting-edge entertainment experience, check out The Rabbit Hole VR. This virtual reality arcade offers a range of immersive games and experiences.

Teens can explore virtual worlds, solve puzzles, or engage in multiplayer games. It’s a fun way to experience the latest in gaming technology.

The 25+ Nashville Hidden Gems That You Def Didn’t Know About

While Nashville’s famous attractions are worth visiting, the city also boasts many hidden gems. These lesser-known spots offer unique experiences away from the tourist crowds.

Let’s uncover some of Nashville’s best-kept secrets that teens will love. These hidden gems showcase the city’s quirky side and local favorites.

Visit Third Man Records

Music-loving teens will appreciate Third Man Records, Jack White’s eclectic record label and store. The shop offers unique vinyl records and music memorabilia.

Visitors can even record their vinyl in the recording booth. It’s a cool spot to discover new music and take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Explore Fort Negley

History enthusiasts should check out Fort Negley, a Civil War-era fort with a rich history. The site offers walking trails and informative exhibits.

The elevated position provides great views of the city. It’s a quiet spot to learn about Nashville’s role in the Civil War.

Try a biscuit at Biscuit Love.

For a true Nashville breakfast experience, head to Biscuit Love. This local favorite serves up creative takes on the Southern biscuit.

Teens will love the fun menu items and casual atmosphere. It’s a tasty way to start a day of exploring Nashville.

Visit the Belcourt Theatre

Film buffs will appreciate the Belcourt Theatre, an independent cinema showing art houses and classic films. The theater has a rich history dating back to 1925.

They often host special screenings and events. It’s a great spot for teens to discover films beyond mainstream blockbusters.

Explore the Nashville Flea Market

For a unique shopping experience, visit the Nashville Flea Market. Held monthly at the fairgrounds, it offers a wide array of vintage and handmade items.

Teens can hunt for unique treasures and quirky souvenirs. It’s a fun way to spend a day and maybe find some one-of-a-kind items.

A Complete History And Guide To East Nashville

East Nashville, known for its hip and artistic vibe, offers a different perspective on the city. This neighborhood has a rich history and a thriving creative community.

Let’s explore what makes East Nashville special and why teens might enjoy visiting this area. We’ll cover its history, attractions, and unique character.

Discover East Nashville’s history.

East Nashville has a fascinating history, from its early days as a streetcar suburb to its current status as a creative hub. The area has faced challenges, including a devastating tornado in 1998.

Despite setbacks, the community has always bounced back stronger. This resilience is reflected in the neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere today.

Explore East Nashville’s food scene.

East Nashville is known for its diverse and innovative restaurants. From gourmet pizza to creative takes on Southern cuisine, there’s something for every palate.

Teens will love exploring the area’s many food trucks and casual eateries. It’s a great way to experience Nashville’s evolving culinary landscape.

Check out the local music venues.

While Broadway gets the tourists, East Nashville is where many local musicians live and perform. The area boasts several intimate music venues showcasing up-and-coming talent.

Teens interested in discovering new music will appreciate the authentic atmosphere of these local spots. It’s a chance to see Nashville’s music scene beyond the big stages.

Visit the East Nashville Farmers Market

For a taste of local life, visit the East Nashville Farmers Market. Held weekly, it offers fresh produce, artisanal goods, and live music.

Teens can sample local treats and see the community in action. It’s a great way to experience Nashville’s local food culture.

Explore the area’s street art.

East Nashville is known for its vibrant street art scene. Many buildings feature colorful murals created by local artists.

Teens will enjoy exploring the neighborhood and discovering these artistic treasures. It’s a perfect opportunity for memorable photos and appreciating public art.

How has Nashville changed in the last few generations?

Nashville has undergone significant changes over the past few generations, evolving from a small southern city to a major cultural and economic hub. These changes have shaped the city teens experience today.

Let’s explore how Nashville has transformed and what these changes mean for young visitors. We’ll look at developments in music, culture, and the urban landscape.

The evolution of Nashville’s music scene

While country music remains a cornerstone, Nashville’s music scene has diversified greatly. The city now embraces a wide range of genres, from rock to hip-hop.

This musical evolution means teens can experience a variety of sounds beyond traditional country. It’s a reflection of Nashville’s growing cultural diversity.

Growth of the food and drink scene

Nashville’s culinary landscape has expanded dramatically in recent years. The city now boasts a thriving food scene with diverse international cuisines and innovative local chefs.

This growth means teens have more exciting dining options than ever before. From hot chicken to gourmet ice cream, there’s always something new to try.

Urban development and population growth

Nashville has experienced rapid urban development and population growth. New neighborhoods have emerged, and the city skyline has transformed with modern buildings.

This growth has brought new attractions and amenities for visitors. However, it’s also important to preserve the city’s historic charm and character.

Expansion of arts and culture

Beyond music, Nashville’s arts and culture scene has flourished. The city now hosts numerous art galleries, theaters, and cultural festivals.

This expansion offers teens more opportunities to engage with various forms of art and culture. It’s a chance to experience Nashville’s creative energy beyond its musical roots.

Technological advancements and innovation

Nashville has embraced technology and innovation, becoming a hub for tech startups and creative industries. This shift has brought new energy to the city.

For tech-savvy teens, this means opportunities to engage with cutting-edge experiences and possibly glimpse future career paths. It’s an exciting aspect of Nashville’s evolving identity.

Top Things To Do In Nashville For Couples

Nashville isn’t just for families and music fans; it’s also a fantastic destination for couples. The city offers a perfect blend of romantic experiences and fun activities for couples.

Let’s explore some of the best things couples can do in Nashville. From intimate dinners to adventurous outings, there’s something for every type of couple.

Enjoy a romantic dinner.

Nashville’s food scene offers plenty of options for a romantic meal. From upscale restaurants to cozy bistros, couples can find the perfect spot for a special dinner.

Many restaurants offer intimate settings and locally-sourced menus. It’s a great way to experience Nashville’s culinary creativity together.

Take a sunset stroll in Centennial Park.

Centennial Park, with its replica of the Parthenon, offers a beautiful setting for a romantic walk. The park is especially lovely at sunset.

Couples can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and maybe even have a picnic. It’s a chance to slow down and appreciate Nashville’s natural beauty.

Attend a concert together.

What better way to experience Music City than by enjoying a live show together? Nashville offers concerts in various genres and venues.

From intimate club shows to grand performances at the Ryman Auditorium, there’s music for every taste. It’s a chance to create lasting memories through shared musical experiences.

Fun Things To Do In Nashville At Night

Nashville truly comes alive after dark, offering a vibrant nightlife scene. From live music to late-night eateries, there’s no shortage of nocturnal activities.

Let’s explore some of the best things to do in Nashville when the sun goes down. These activities showcase the city’s energetic evening atmosphere.

Experience Broadway’s neon lights

Broadway, Nashville’s main entertainment strip, is at its most vibrant at night. The neon signs and bustling crowds create an electric atmosphere.

Couples and groups can hop between honky-tonks, enjoying live music at each stop. It’s the quintessential Nashville night-out experience.

Take a ghost tour

For those who enjoy a spooky thrill, Nashville offers several ghost tours. These tours combine history with local legends and ghost stories.

It’s a unique way to explore the city’s darker side and learn about its past. Plus, it’s a fun excuse to hold hands in the dark!

Enjoy late-night bites

Nashville’s food scene doesn’t sleep when the sun goes down. Many restaurants and food trucks cater to the late-night crowd.

From gourmet burgers to late-night pizza, there’s something for every craving. It’s perfect for refueling after a night of dancing or sightseeing.

The 31+ Best Things To Do In East Nashville

East Nashville, known for its artistic vibe and local charm, offers a different side of the city. This neighborhood is packed with unique experiences and hidden gems.

Let’s dive into some of the best things to do in East Nashville. These activities showcase the area’s creative spirit and community feel.

Explore Five Points

Five Points is the heart of East Nashville, offering a concentration of shops, restaurants, and bars. It’s a great place to start exploring the neighborhood.

Visitors can browse quirky boutiques, enjoy local coffee shops, and soak in the area’s artistic atmosphere. It’s East Nashville, in a nutshell.

Visit Shelby Bottoms Nature Center

For a dose of nature, head to Shelby Bottoms Nature Center. This green space offers walking trails, wildlife viewing, and educational programs.

It’s a peaceful retreat from the urban environment, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Visitors can rent bikes to explore the extensive trail system.

Enjoy the local music scene.

East Nashville is home to many musicians and intimate music venues. Places like The 5 Spot and The Basement East showcase local talent.

Music lovers can enjoy performances in a more relaxed setting than downtown. It’s a chance to discover new artists and experience Nashville’s grassroots music scene.


Is Nashville a good place to start a career?

Yes, Nashville offers diverse job opportunities in music, healthcare, tech, and education. Its growing economy makes it attractive for young professionals.

What do you need to know about going to Nashville?

Nashville is known for music, Southern hospitality, and hot chicken. Bring comfortable shoes, expect traffic, and be prepared for variable weather.

How old do you have to be to go out in Nashville?

Most bars and music venues in Nashville require patrons to be 21 or older. Some restaurants allow under-21s until a certain time.

Is Nashville still fun when it rains?

Absolutely! Nashville has many indoor attractions, like museums, concert venues, and restaurants. The city’s energy doesn’t dampen with the weather.

How expensive is it to live?

Nashville’s cost of living is above the national average, particularly for housing. However, it’s still more affordable than in many major cities.


Nashville’s diverse array of activities ensures that teens will never have a dull moment in Music City. From exploring the iconic music scene to outdoor adventures and unique local experiences, there’s something to captivate every young visitor. The city’s blend of Southern charm and modern energy creates an atmosphere that resonates with teenagers, offering both entertainment and opportunities for personal growth.

As you plan your family trip to Nashville, remember that the city is constantly evolving. New attractions and experiences emerge regularly, so don’t hesitate to explore beyond this list. Embrace the city’s friendly spirit, and you’ll discover that Nashville’s greatest charm lies in its ability to surprise and delight visitors of all ages, especially teens.

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