Can You Put Jansport Backpacks In The Dryer?

Most Jansport backpacks feature durable nylon fabric construction. While nylon is water-resistant, the dryer’s heat can be too intense for the material. Prolonged high heat risks warping the straps and melting smaller plastic parts. Air drying is the safer option to preserve the backpack’s integrity.

If a small amount of moisture remains even after squeezing out excess water, stuff the inside of the backpack with towels to absorb the remaining wetness. Leave it sitting open for 12-24 hours until fully dry before storage. The tumbling motion of the dryer could cause scuffing too on printed logos and embroidery.  

As an alternative on rainy days, wipe down the exterior gently and stuff the main compartment with clean old towels or newspaper. Change them every few hours till there are no signs of dampness. The absorbent filler soaks up moisture without risking damage like the dryer may cause over time to the backpack.

Key Takeaways

  • Most Jansport backpacks shouldn’t go in the dryer, as the heat can damage zippers, straps and mesh pockets over time.
  • Air drying is best to preserve the life of the materials. Open all pockets and flaps to allow air to circulate fully through the pack. 
  • On sunny days, you can lay sections of the damp pack in sunlight to help accelerate drying gently. 
  • For faster drying, you can remove small components like pocket liners or water bottle holders to tumble on low heat alone. 
  • As a last resort, empty the main pack space and tumble on low heat with a damp cloth or towels inside to absorb residual moisture more quickly than air alone. Check periodically to avoid over-drying. Wondering for more information on this topic Osprey Backpack In The Washing Machine.

Overview Of Jansport Backpacks In The Dryer

Overview Of Jansport Backpacks In The Dryer

Jansport backpacks, though durable, require careful cleaning to avoid damage. Empty pockets and zip closed, then turn inside out before washing in a cold, gentle cycle. Use a delicate or mesh bag to protect zippers from machine friction.

Never put the backpack in the dryer which could cause shrinking, melted seams or strap weakening over time. Lay it out to air dry completely, checking for damp spots. The dryer’s heat risks harming water-resistant coatings as well.

Step By Step Guide To Jansport Backpacks In The Dryer

Turn Inside Out: Empty all pockets and unzip the backpack all the way. Turn it inside out to protect graphics. 

Gentle Cold Wash: Use a mesh laundry bag and gentle/delicate setting. Cold water and mild detergent help avoid shrinkage. 

Air Dry Completely: Lay the backpack out flat in an airy space. Check for damp spots and flip periodically over 24 hours. Allowing it to fully air dry prevents damage from machine heat and agitation.

Put Jansport Backpack In The Dryer

While the speed of a dryer aids sore backs, most experts warn Jansport packs fare best by air. Too much motion and heat can warp weakened straps or stress sturdy zippers past repair. Even on a low tumble, overtime such treatment risks degrading prized packs just slightly past dependable duty.

Best for the bag and owner proves ventilation to the sun with openings exposed assists evaporation without machine meddling. Natural drying preserves quality Jansports earn and owners deserve.

Wash A Jansport Backpack With Leather Bottom

That fine leather bottom adds style and durability, yet also requires delicate care. Too much immersion leaves these accessories feeling waterlogged and takes longer to dry. Gentle sponge cleans exterior nylon well while avoiding soaking the bottom.

Dab then wipe leather separately with a microfiber cloth and mild solution to remove grime. Thorough rinsing restores like-new look and pliant touch. With practice, these light techniques lengthen backpack life without fear of damage.

Wash Jansport Backpack Reddit

Wash Jansport Backpack Reddit

For cleansing tips from experienced owners, some turn trustingly to Reddit forums. Repeated advice found advises against machine treatments like washers or dryers which can harm. Hand washing with a mild soap proves the top suggestion when spills strike.

Inside pockets empty and zippers close for swift sink swish then drip air dry out of direct light. Outer nylon cleans up nicely with this fuss-free method endorsed by the crowdsourced crowd. Precautions preserve what patrons paid and allow packs to power through more patrols.

Durable Are Jansport Backpacks

Jansport packs impress with hard-wearing design through college years and careers. Rugged nylon construction shrugs off wear from sidewalk and staircase with resilient fabric. Internal frames maintain form against sagging and distributed weight prevents strain on shoulders.

Often bearing daily loads for terms or decades, these haulers demonstrate astounding toughness through trials that ruin lesser bags. Their legendary hardiness leads students and explorers to trust companions sure to survive spills and stresses. Jansports truly earns praise for dependable durability.

You Wash A Jansport Backpack Without Ruining It

To refresh sturdy Jansport carriers after adventures, care must counter impulses to machine scrub. Hands and mild soap sufficed to slough grime, with interiors unstuffed and zippers locked.

Rinse thoroughly then drip dry in shade, not sun, avoids plastic or textiles cracking. Scrubbing too roughly risks pilling nylon’s weave prematurely. Gentle cleaning lengthens packs’ lives – they stand up to years with students after all. Proper hand washing preserves what earned Jansport legendary status.

Are Jansport Backpacks So Popular

Jansport backpacks earn their popularity through proven dependability. Where others fail, their nylon bodies persevere through wind, rain, and wear without flinching. Lightweight yet durable, the simplistic designs spare fuss while hauling hefty loads in comfort.

College students spotting this brand know its name signifies quality supreme. As back-to-school season arrives again, another batch of buyers cannot resist the reliable reputation. For functionality and longevity, Jansport packs remain undefeated champions.

Jansport Backpacks Have A Lifetime Warranty

Jansport Backpacks Have A Lifetime Warranty

While some see warranties as escapes for shoddy goods, Jansport’s policy stems from pride in their bags. Crafted inside the USA with rugged nylon and a steel frame meant to withstand years of use, these packs inspire confidence to truly last a lifetime.

From college to career and visits beyond, the company stands beside products plying city streets and trails worldwide. Should damage occur, repairs or replacements keep haulers hauling through transitions. It’s an assurance that earns customers’ trust to become lifelong Jansport buyers.


Can You Put A Backpack In The Dryer?

Most backpacks risk damage from a dryer’s agitation and heat. Gentler methods like air drying or using a fan avoid potential harm to straps, zippers or fabric.

How Should I Wash My Jansport Backpack?

Hand wash with a mild detergent, avoiding soaking any leather portions. Rinse thoroughly then drip dry out of direct sunlight to maintain your Jansport’s quality construction.

Can I Put My School Backpack In The Washer?

Most experts advise hand-washing school backpacks only. Agitation from a washer cycle could damage zippers or distort strapping overtime from repeated machine washing.


While the temptation to toss a soaked Jansport backpack in the dryer is understandable, it’s generally not recommended due to potential harm. Prolonged heat cycling can warp straps out of shape or cause fabric stress points over time.

Important materials like zippers are also at risk of heat damage. Owners of these legendary backpacks are best to carefully hand wash in cool water and allow natural air drying to preserve the quality construction Jansport is admired for through gentle, protective care.

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